The result of ” Onesongchai Fight ” Thursday, July 13, 2017 at Ratchadamnoen Boxing stadium.

Kwandom  Tormeenburi  [ Lose ]  Yodkhuntap  Sorkor.Sungaigym

Phadetsuk(Kan)  Kor.Kampanat  [ Win ]  Kompatak  Sinbeemuaythai

Looknimit  Singklongsi   [ Win]  Komawut  F.A.Group

Kingsanglek  Tor.Laksong  [ Win ]  Fhamita  Taembangsai

Pakkalek  Tor.Laksong  [ Win ]  Moragot  Mor.Ratanabandit

Nongrose  Bancharoensuk   [ Win ]  Piewpak  Sorcho.Wichitpeatriew

Puenkol  Tor.Surat  [ Win ]  Kumandoi  Petcharoenwit

The resulf of “ Onesongchai Fight ” Thursday, June 29,2017 at Ratchadamnoen Boxing stadium.

Bout 1.Kongmueangtrang  Kawesamrit  (Tko3)  Yodtongchai  Sorcho.Lekmueangnon Bout 2.Wanmawin  Pumpanmuang  (Win)  Sueamom  Chakayanmuaythaigym (Sornram  Sibsamrientowerexpress) Bout 3.Grittongkam  Rongrienkelakorat  (Ko4)  Kongsanan  Sakhomsin Bout 4.Petsamret  Orbortor.Nongyangtoi  (Tko3)  Chayo  P.K.Saenchaimuaythaigym (Karlop  Toyotarayong) Bout 5.Mungkornpet  Sorkor.Sungaigym  (Win)  Bungron  Sayangym Bout 6.Petchatchai  Chaoraiooi  (Ko2)  Samornai  Vor.Por.Angtong Bout 7.Petmueangchon  Por.Suantong  (win)  Sarawut  Sorcho.Wichitpaedriew Bout 8.Fhapatan  Por.Petkaikaew  (Tko3)  Petmueangpom  Sor.Phichitchai Bout 9.Phadetnoi  Orbortor.Nongsapan …


“Vitayalek hopes to extinguish the madness before hunting Siuyai”

“Former champion” Vitayalek Petsimuen, alligator from Nakhon Si Thammarat do not worry about heavy fighting with top form Champion Ratchadamnern Saengtawan Chor Hapayak in orbit meet first. “Grand OneSongchai Promotion” on Thursday, June 15, at Ratchadamnoen Arena. Appointment of the best little Muaythai of Thailand. By your promoter, Dr. Songchai Ratanasuban.   “OneSongchai Promotion” Muaythai…


“Faeboonmee has dedicated his life to win Kumanthong”

“Phantom of the Phantom” Faboonmee BirdRangsit is delighted in life to have a chance to challenge the Champion title which is the first stage after the luxury beautiful track win of last promotion. Legendary promoter Dr. Songchai Ratanasuban  gave a special bonus to challenge Rajdamnern championship title with Kumanthong Chorhapayak in a duel to the…


“Yodkuntup has a 2-pound advantage”

“Knee to the Head”, Yodkuntup Sorkor SungaiGym, The top knee blaze is so hot that it is so successful to win 5 games as legendary promoter Dr. Hon. Songchai Ratanasuban mentioned that Yodkuntup is very good, so he joining the big promotion immediately. To enter the peers  to challenge with Kompatak  Sinbi MuayThai on Thursday …


“Cherry VS Priewpak, fighting on June 15th victory day”

Battle of the Grand OneSongchai”. On Thursday, June 15th, the duo from different promoters met for the first time. Legendary promoter, Dr.Songchai Ratanasuban, came out in succession. Because in June. Muaythai fans have been watching three consecutive matches. On June 7th, the Great Charity Torch Charity Day was followed by the June 15th, where the…